Welcome! I’m Jenna, and I started Chasing Indigo in 2018 with the desire to design unique, high quality jewelry at an accessible price. In between jobs, I was searching for what I wanted to do with my career, I had always worked in the fashion world, particularly jewelry and was obsessed with wearing rings on every finger. I found that the quality rings I was in search of were always hard to find, either very expensive, or inexpensive but not so great quality. And so began my journey to bridge that gap. I decided to take the chance and start a business. I began designing jewelry, mostly with my all time favorite stone, turquoise, using 925 sterling silver. I started with about 10 designs that I put on Etsy and to my surprise, it just took off! I have since expanded into a full line of over 100 styles in both Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Vermeil with an assortment of hand selected, natural semi precious stones including, turquoise, opal, Larimar, moonstone and more! 

Originally drawing my inspiration from the ocean, my travels through Europe and a bohemian, vintage aesthetic, Chasing Indigo has become a blend of southwestern, and modern jewelry that embraces a free spirited, bohemian lifestyle. Jewelry for the risk taker, the dream chasers, the go getters. Everyday Jewelry that becomes your favorite and goes with you on all of life’s journeys.  We strive to provide unique, yet on trend and timeless jewelry that will last a lifetime, handmade to be uniquely yours.

We also do permanent jewelry! Find us in Austin to have a bracelet or necklace welded together, to travel with you, permanently. Choose your chain, metal, and beads or charms to add to your jewelry.

Local to Austin or visiting?! Find us at our pop up markets and shop in person! Check out our schedule under the 'Let's Connect' tab on our home page and come on by!